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“The Unspoken Conversation” – Jordan Berta Talks Mental Health & The Church


WATERLOO, ON  —January 16, 2018— According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 1 in 5 people in Canada will experience a mental health problem or illness this year. And statistically, no one will get through the next year without being impacted, directly or indirectly, by mental illness. Over the past several years, mental health awareness has blossomed through corporate initiatives like Not Myself Today, increased engagement in Mental Health Week (May 7th – 13th in 2018), and social media campaigns like Instagram’s #HereForYou. Bell’s annual Let’s Talk Day raised $6,585,250 in 2017 and is scheduled again for January 31st, 2018. And as of 2016 there is a reliable and engaging, Canadian voice speaking out for a Christian approach to mental health awareness and management.

The Unspoken Conversation

Jordan Berta is a young Christian speaker and worship leader who has dealt with anxiety for the majority of his life. In 2016, he founded The Unspoken Conversation in an effort to address the lack of awareness, and presence of stigma, regarding mental health in the Christian community. While the secular world faces challenges and has its own suggested remedies for those dealing with mental health challenges, Berta believes, from personal experience, in the power of pairing professional medical tactics with “the peace that surpasses all understanding” to find true hope and restoration.
The Unspoken Conversation hosts guests ranging from medical professionals like Dr. Merry C. Lin, to Christian authors and leaders like Sherry Stahl, to musicians like Greg Sykes, on its weekly podcast. The interviews allow guests from a variety of backgrounds to share their perspectives on, and personal interactions with, mental health issues. Recent topics included “Learning How to Care and Be Cared For,” “Cybercondria,” and relevant, hot-off-the-press books by Christian authors. Jordan is joined on the podcast by on-air contributors, who have each been impacted by mental health challenges including the psychological impact of Crohn’s disease, and the suicide of close friends. Berta has shared his story, and the mission of his ministry, with passion and authenticity, on a variety of platforms, with the hope that his story, his faith, and what he has learned along the way, will instill hope and courage in others who are struggling. For more information on The Unspoken Conversation and to listen to the podcast, visit http://theunspokenconversation.ca/.


Meet Jordan Berta

Jordan Berta is a passionate communicator who has dealt with a life-time struggle with anxiety. Throughout his own journey of becoming mentally well, Jordan has encountered many people who share similar struggles and incredible stories that, for many reasons, have gone unspoken. The Unspoken Conversation is the product of his vision to expand the discussion about mental health, faith, community, and the arts. He is a consummate networker and traveler, placing a high priority on family and friends. In his spare time, he enjoys singing and writing at home. In 2016, in addition to launching The Unspoken Conversation, he also released his first single entitled Hope Says Wait.


The Unspoken ConversationThe Unspoken Conversation, launched in 2016, is an online ministry that seeks to tackle topics like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and dementia, and look at how strategies like improved rest, time management, spiritual vitality, and music can have a powerful, positive effect on the mind. Their primary vehicle to expand this conversation is through a weekly podcast. The episodes, hosted by Jordan Berta and three of his colleagues, feature special guests including mental health professionals, Christian leaders, and regular people with extraordinary stories. The people featured on this podcast are real and their stories are still a work in progress. The Unspoken Conversation is designed to help those struggling with mental illness know they are not alone, and to equip those individuals with the tools and confidence needed to engage with family, friends and medical professionals on their journey to improved mental health. theunspokenconversation.ca



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