Drew Marshall on Wrestling with Faith, Calling, and When to Quit

TCMP 006: Drew Marshall

TCMP 006: Drew Marshall

Episode 006: “Don’t be afraid to be different.” That’s the advice Ellen got when she started The Change Makers Podcast and this week’s episode is certainly different. This week’s guest is Drew Marshall, the long-time host of The Drew Marshall Show, Canada’s most-listened-to spiritual talk show. Drew is a longtime friend of Ellen and in this episode, they discuss why he left his work as a pastor and his successful radio show, how doubt and spiritual leadership function together, and what it’s like to struggle openly with your faith in the Christian world. We think you’ll learn a lot from Drew! Stay tuned for the second episode of The Change Makers Podcast coming later this season.

About Drew Marshall: Drew Marshall was adopted, grew up in a funeral home, survived a teenage suicide attempt, dropped out of school in Grade 9, ran away to California to be a wrangler, played semi-pro football with NFL/CFL tryouts, drove around North America volunteering for charities, tried to be a firefighter & a rodeo cowboy, was a stay at home dad, has worked a little in film and TV, became a Pastor in Australia and studied stand-up comedy & improv at Second City Toronto. These days he’s a hospital chaplain and was the host of Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show. He’s interviewed hundreds of celebrities & cultural icons about their beliefs or lack thereof. Struggling with his own faith, Drew sacrificed his eyesight for the last week of Lent, paid non-believers to go to church, drank with witches, celebrated with Wiccans, visited with Satanists and walked 1000 KM’s on the Camino de Santiago during a three-month vow of silence.

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[bctt tweet=”The best advice I ever had about Bible College was: Don’t. Do everything you can not to go, and then if you end up going, you know you’re there for the right reasons.” username=”GrafMartin”] [bctt tweet=”I’ve discovered that doubt is more compatible with faith than certainty. ” username=”GrafMartin”] [bctt tweet=”Just wrestle. Just do it. Just wrestle because if there’s a God, God’s not biting His nails because you’re wrestling with a microphone in front of you.” username=”GrafMartin”]