Read-Worthy Reviews – December 7th

We just couldn’t wait to post our next batch of reviews! Snow fell in our town this morning and we’ve been humming Christmas tunes all day…so it’s time to talk about Operation Christmas Child! Several of our Nuts About Books reviewers took some time with their families to fill a box this season…read about their experiences below!

Also, there is a brand-new historical fiction novel from Jane Kirkpatrick that you’ll definitely want to check out…readers are calling it a compelling and touching story of overcoming hardship and discovering love.

Operation Christmas Child (Samaritan’s Purse)

Ready-Worthy Reviews - December 7th - OCCOperation Christmas Child is a hands-on project that brings joy and hope to children in desperate situations around the world through gift-filled shoeboxes packed by Canadians. It is one way to remind children suffering as a result of war, poverty, famine, disease, and disaster that they are loved and not forgotten.

Each shoebox is filled by Canadians with hygiene items, school supplies, and toys, and is given to children regardless of gender, race, or religion. When culturally appropriate, copies of a book entitled The Greatest Gift, which has been translated into 130 different languages, are offered to children after the shoeboxes have already been distributed. Learn more about the journey of a shoebox.

Following the shoebox distributions, local churches and ministry partners are equipped with a 12-lesson Bible study course, titled The Greatest Journey, which introduces interested children to Jesus, shows them how to receive Him and follow Him, and equips them to share their faith with family and friends.


“Did you know that Samaritan’s Purse actually delivers those Christmas boxes all year round? They do! And if you’re like me you missed the deadline for dropping off your box…However…You can go online and ‘fill a box’ right there! How cool is that? They have made it super easy to get involved in this beautiful ministry…” – Lani from All This Crazy Grace

“…I remember participating in packing a shoebox as a child – it was so much fun to pick out things for another kid somewhere on the other side of the world. Thing is, I have just as much fun doing it now! Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child has collected and delivered more than 135 million gift-filled shoeboxes to children in more than 150 countries and territories. Let’s keep that number growing!…” Country Mouse

“…As a father, I love that Operation Christmas Child gives families the opportunity to take the focus at Christmas time off of getting presents, and instead thinking about those who are in need. Families can spend quality time together doing something fun and helping be a blessing to others. So let me ask – what are YOU waiting for?…” – Jeremy from Christian Fiction Addiction

“Packing shoe boxes before Christmas has been a tradition in my family for many years, and I am thrilled to highlight this great initiative…It excites me to think of the children all over the world who will have a happy Christmas because of these boxes that are lovingly packed just for them…If you have never packed a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, please consider doing it this year. And I promise – you won’t regret it.” – Along the Way

“Make sure to check out Samaritan’s Purse this Christmas season. We are so blessed … time to spread the joy and bring a smile to a child’s face this Christmas. It’s super EASY and FUN. Get a shoe box. Fill it full of fun and useful items (the website give some good suggestions) and then drop the filled box off at pick-up location. Check out more information HERE.” – Amanda from Cozy Writer’s Den

All She Left Behind (Jane Kirkpatrick)

Read-Worthy Reviews - December 7th - All She Left Behind

Already well-versed in the natural healing properties of herbs and oils, Jennie Pickett longs to become a doctor. But the Oregon frontier of the 1870s is an unforgiving place–especially for a single mother. To support herself and her young son, Jennie finds work caring for an older woman. When her patient dies, Jennie discovers that her heart has become entangled with the woman’s widowed husband, a man many years her senior. Their unlikely romance may lead her to her ultimate goal–but the road forward is uncertain.

New York Times bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick invites you to leave behind your preconceived notions about love and life as you, along with Jennie, discover that dreams may be deferred–but they never really die. Based on a true story.


“Jane Kirkpatrick finds the most interesting true-life heroines to highlight in her fictional biographies. Lesser known women who have lived exemplary lives. Women who define the pioneering spirit. Women like Jennie Pickett…An intelligent woman with a learning disability that made reading difficult who becomes a doctor? That’s something to shout about in this day and age but in the late 1800s it’s inconceivable…Captivating, compelling and mind boggling. If you enjoy biographies of strong women who make a difference while overcoming insurmountable odds then this is definitely the book for you.” – Kav from Best Reads

“Jennie’s life in the late 1800’s really touched my heart in so many ways. Her struggles over the years are heartbreaking, yet she tackled life with perseverance and determination…I think what resonated with me the most is that the character of Jennie is real and believable. She lived a hard life, she loved with her whole heart, and she trusted people. All of this didn’t guarantee an easy time for her…However, she also found love and contentment in rather unexpected ways. This is one of the best books I have read recently and I highly recommend All She Left Behind.” – Along the Way

 Special thanks to Samaritan’s Purse Canada and Baker Publishing Group  for providing these resources for our reviewers.

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Read-Worthy Reviews – November 27th

We’ve been so encouraged recently reading the reviews that have come in from our Nuts About Books bloggers! Baker Publishing Group has released some excellent titles recently that have had these reviewers on the edge of their seats and growing in their faith. Read on to the first two resources for their rave reviews of some of the newest in Christian suspense, and women’s non-fiction!

Our third review today comes from a special offer we sent out to several Canadian Bible college faculty members and youth leaders, recently. The resource is a new video series called JustUs, that focuses on presenting youth with a Christian worldview on social justice and poverty.

Dangerous Illusions (Irene Hannon)

Read-Worthy Reviews - November 27th - Dangerous Illusions

Trish Bailey is on overload trying to deal with a demanding job, an ailing mother, and a healing heart. When a series of unsettling memory lapses leads to a tragic death–and puts Trish under police scrutiny–her world is once again thrown into turmoil.

Detective Colin Flynn isn’t certain what to think of the facts he uncovers during his investigation. Did Trish simply make a terrible mistake or is there more to the case than meets the eye? As he searches for answers, disturbing information begins to emerge–and if the forces at work are as evil as he suspects, the situation isn’t just dangerous . . . it’s deadly.

Bestselling and award-winning author Irene Hannon will capture your imagination with a mind-bending story that will have you doubling back to retrace your steps–and figure out what you missed!


Warning: clear your schedule before beginning to read this book! Suspense, romance, and deadly secrets combine to create a tense and enthralling story I could not put it down, as teasers and twists kept me turning pages…Dangerous Illusions fulfilled all my wishes for a terrific read, and it easily earns five stars.” – Kathleen Friesen from Grace Notes

Unexpected moments, suspense-filled scenes, and likeable characters make a winning combination in Irene Hannon’s latest novel, Dangerous Illusions! Those looking for a blend of suspense and romance together will be pleased with what unfolds in this novel…I especially liked that, while there is a happy ending to the story, the suspense elements aren’t all neatly wrapped up in a bow, reflecting real life in that aspectDangerous Illusions is a solid start to what is shaping up to be a great new series…I award this book a strong 4 out of 5 stars.” – Jeremy from Christian Fiction Addiction

“…once again, Hannon delivers. The plot twists were certainly things I did not see coming. Her characters are interesting, have depth and leave you wanting to know even more about them...I appreciate her mix of suspense and romance and the important, but not over the top, faith of the characters. I would certainly read the rest of the books in this series as they come out.” – The Talens’ Tales

Fiercehearted: Live Fully, Love Bravely (Holley Gerth)

Read-Worthy Reviews - November 27th - Fiercehearted

Every day we struggle to find more freedom, joy, and purpose. What if the solution isn’t trying harder or being better but embracing the fiercehearted woman already inside us? A fiercehearted woman looks life in the face and says, “You can’t beat me.” She lives fully and loves bravely. She never gives in, never gives up, and never lets go. She dares to be who she is–imperfect and beloved.

In her most powerful and personal book yet, bestselling author, counselor, and life coach Holley Gerth empowers and encourages women not simply through “how to” but by life-changing, heart-freeing “me too.” Join Holley on this journey to becoming a fiercehearted woman and discover what she did: the freedom and courage to embrace life, love, and faith to the fullest because your struggles can no longer hold you back.


“Woven throughout each chapter is the call to embrace life as one who has been intricately designed by the Creator, and to live life fuller for Him.Covering a wide variety of topics as told through the author’s personal experiences, the book is story-based, yet feels incredibly relatable. Each chapter in the book reads as if…you and the author are settled into your favourite chairs at the local coffee shop…She paints the ordinary into something challenging and exquisite…I very happily and easily give this book 4 stars out of 5.” – Liz from Mommy Mannegren

Intense. Sincere. Full of laughter and tears. Holley Gerth…writes with the kind of heart and candor that has the power to encourage change…A much needed change where I am concerned. Because — true confession time — I’m a scaredy-cat. I’ve read the fictional accounts of fiercehearted heroines and basked in their glory while knowing deep down that I could never live as fully or bravely. But then Ms. Gerth comes along and starts changing my mind. I start thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could become the fiercehearted heroine of my own story…” – Kav from Best Reads

JustUs Video Series

November 27th - JustUs Video Series

A Curriculum That Explores Poverty & Justice

Young people today are passionate about change. Their hearts break for the injustice they see in the world around them and they yearn to be a part of the solution. The problem is that they have few resources to help them. These youth do have the potential to change our world, but they need the knowledge, tools and revolutionary Biblical perspective to equip them to take the next steps.

In order to enable them to engage with a world that is crying out for transformation, we have created JustUs, a guide to discovering God’s heart for the poor. He has endless compassion and fierce love for those who suffer injustice. So should we. Our desire is to enable young people to join Him in working towards restoration, healing and wholeness.

This generation wants to change our world for the better.

We want to help them.

Let’s journey together.

We shared this resource with a unique group of Christian youth influencers and Bible college faculty, and here are a few of their first impressions…


“I was very impressed with the content, methodology and cast! I am excited to see how this impacts the youth (and not just the youth) in Canadian churches and beyond!…Highlights for me: 1. The whole concept of the ‘other’ not really being ‘other’, but part of the same created global family. 2. The perspective used to introduce concept of culture and worldview. 3. The discussion on how God sees the world – we discover much of this in the Bible 4. The point that justice is about relationships not ‘stuff’!… 5. The explanation of created relationships – justly broken as consequence of sin – being renewed in Christ’s kingdom…” – David Stevens (Adjunct Professor at Prairie College)

This resource looks like a really great one! I previewed some of it, and shared it with an adjunct prof (retired missionary) who is teaching a missions and cross-cultural intensive course…He said the material was really solid, used one episode in his class, and said he may use more of it next year.” – Rev. Dale O. Stairs (Director of the Crandall-Acadia B.Th. Partnership)

 Baker Publishing GroupJustUsSpecial thanks to Baker Publishing Group and JustUs for providing these resources for our reviewers.
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