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Screenings Return Praise for New Faith Film: ALL SAINTS

Last Monday, our team was very excited to see a lot of hard work come to fruition in the form of 4 VIP Influencer Pre-Screenings of the new faith film, ALL SAINTS. Over 400 Canadian Christian influencers attended these special events, from bloggers and TV/radio personalities, to pastors, to leaders of non-profit organizations. Representatives from sponsoring organizations also attended and were able to spread the good news of their work and missions. In addition, many of our Nuts About Books bloggers took time to preview the film and provide their reviews!

ALL SAINTS Screenings - Movie StillOverall, the movie received impressive ratings (when surveyed after the screenings, attendees gave ALL SAINTS an average score of 8.43/10) and many very positive reviews, highlighting how encouraging, inspiring, and motivating the story was to many of the viewers. ALL SAINTS provided instigated a paradigm shift for many, regarding community, justice, and perseverance, while for others it reaffirmed their efforts and gave them hope for the future.

A sample of the feedback pouring in…

“With a solid cast…All Saints is one movie you don’t want to miss. The combination of good writing and moving performances made this film a delight to watch. Filmed at the actual All Saints church and featuring the Karen refugees…this inspirational movie will help you to believe in the power of God, faith and community…An exceptional movie, with an incredible message of hope.” ~ Laura Davis of Interviews & Reviews

A beautiful depiction of the challenges and joys of representing cultures in the church; and connecting the refugee crisis close to home. Looking beyond the formalities of the church body to help those God puts before us.” ~ Edmonton Screening Attendee

All Saints Screenings - Poster“This was a great movie.  It struck a chord with me personally, having been involved in helping Syrian refugees on their arrival in my city…With what’s going on in the news and the world around me lately, it was sure lovely to watch what faith, loving like Jesus, perseverance, persistence, and trust can accomplish.” ~ This Blog is Epic

This was an excellent movie with a great twist. So often we are looking so much in one direction that it’s easy to miss what God is really doing.” ~ Mississauga Screening Attendee

“It would be difficult to watch “All Saints” and not feel challenged in your own faith journey. Michael’s decision to listen to God’s call, no matter the cost, is truly inspiring, and will have you examining your own priorities in life and whether you are being obedient to what God is calling you to do.” ~ Christian Fiction Addiction

Inspiring. Many similarities to what we are facing as a church with the homeless population. Beautiful film. Go beyond. Keep pressing on for what is Biblically right.” ~ Langley Screening Attendee

“I thoroughly enjoyed this movie – the characters, the message and the outcome…I’m excited to recommend this to the families I serve as a great summer evening out!” ~ Joyfully Yours

Liked the whole movie! I cannot wait to read the book and have it on DVD. Amazing! Community is everything! Listen to God for everything we do!!” ~ Winnipeg Screening Attendee

Releasing in Canadian Theatres on August 25th!

ALL SAINTS is releasing in theatres across the nation this Friday, August 25th (and there will be an advanced showing at all locations on Thursday, August 24th). For more information, and to find a theatre near you, visit Faith Films.

Click below to view the 90-second video: ALL SAINTS – The Heart of the Movie.

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