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New Project Profile: Chances Are…

This fall we were invited to collaborate with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Canada (RZIM) and Eaglecom Marketing on their bold Chances Are national initiative. Although media landscapes continue to change, radio still reaches up to 88 percent of Canadians aged twelve and up (27 million people) every week. We’re working with RZIM Canada to help launch this ambitious and wide-reaching 29-week national, multimedia initiative with compelling radio messaging and excellent online video with robust social media engagement designed to capture the attention of the thinker and skeptic with the credibility of Jesus.

About the Initiative

The Chances Are campaign is intended to challenge commonly-held misconceptions about the Christian worldview in order to help overcome intellectual barriers to faith in Jesus Christ, and ultimate freedom in life. Beginning on September 26, 2016, compelling weekly topics are being shared on radio, social media, and on www.ChancesAre.ca. RZIM speakers will tackle questions on justice, tolerance, suffering, happiness, success, love, depression, and sexuality. RZIM North American Director, Abdu Murray, says, “If a worldview is true, it should answer all of life’s fundamental and central questions coherently.”

With key topics being addressed, Chances Are has become a strong resource for those who believe and those who do not believe in the message of the Bible. Our team is excited about the impact this initiative will have on individuals across the country!

Chances AreWhat we are doing

With such strong messaging and content to work with, we’ve been privileged to assist with a number of tasks, including marketing planning and strategy creation, PR and digital outreach. Our team continues to assist by providing digital advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube image ads), influencer engagement, church engagement, media relations (print, radio, TV for mainstream and Christian), website SEO, social media platform creation/following, and social media content creation.

About Us

At Graf-Martin Communications, we strive to make effective and strategic PR and marketing communications achievable for our clients, so they can focus on what they do best. We call it “Marketing Made Simple”.

If you’d like to explore how to maximize your marketing efforts, send us a message. We’d be glad to help!

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