Award-Winning Father-Daughter Duo Ropes Readers in with First Collaboration

Ted Dekker and Rachelle Dekker’s ‘The Girl behind the Red Rope’ set to release September 3, 2019

WATERLOO – June 12, 2019 – For the first time ever, father-daughter duo, New York Times best-selling author Ted Dekker and Christy Award-winner Rachelle Dekker, team up for a supernatural suspense-filled novel, The Girl behind the Red Rope. This action-packed read published by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, will release on September 3, 2019.

“I had been working with the story idea for some time before we decided to make this novel a collaborative work,” Rachelle recalled. “I was initially intrigued by the question, ‘What if our fears were like monsters that followed us?’ Once we decided to work together, we expanded the idea further and fleshed it out to what it is now: a story of love over fear, light over darkness, and freedom over all we have been taught will keep us safe and secure.”

The Girl behind the Red RopeIn a world where everything is black and white, The Girl behind the Red Rope follows Grace, a young woman who risks everything to help a young boy. In the process, Grace learns a valuable lesson about trust and fear and that things may not be as clear as they first seem.

The story begins thirteen years ago, when a looming evil threatened to cleanse the earth. To be kept safe, pure, and alive, Grace and other members of her religious community relocated deep within the hills of Tennessee. They believed their new home would protect them from this evil – as long as they followed every rule and stayed behind the red perimeter. But with the arrival of outsiders more than a decade later, what follows has Grace questioning who she can trust and what path she must follow.

“We don’t easily see all those monsters that hold us captive in this life, and once we do, we are rather shocked,” said Rachelle. “It’s no wonder fear rules this plane of existence—we continue to feed it under the guise of wisdom and godliness. But in love there is no fear. So how does one awaken out of the darkness of fear into the light of love? That’s the conundrum this story engages.”

Ted Dekker has stated that his greatest desire is for readers to encounter the spiritual truths hidden in his captivating story lines. Now, this transgenerational team continues the quest of helping readers understand ultimate freedom and their true identity in Christ in this spellbinding new story.

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About Ted Dekker

Ted DekkerTed is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of more than forty novels, with over ten million copies sold worldwide. He was born in the jungles of Indonesia to missionary parents, and his upbringing as a stranger in a fascinating and sometimes frightening culture fueled his imagination. Dekker’s passion is simple—to explore truth through mind-bending stories that invite readers to see the world through a different lens. His fiction has been honored with numerous awards, including two Christy Awards, two Inspy Awards, an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award, and an ECPA Gold Medallion. In 2013, NPR readers nationwide put him in the Top 50 Thriller Authors of All Time. Dekker lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Lee Ann.

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About Rachelle Dekker

Rachelle DekkerRachelle is the Christy Award–winning author of The Choosing, The Calling, and The Returning in the Seer series. The oldest daughter of New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker, Rachelle was inspired early on to discover truth through the avenue of storytelling.

She writes full-time from her home in Nashville, where she lives with her husband, Daniel, and their son, Jack.

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RevellRevell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, offers practical books that bring the Christian faith to everyday life. Whether through fiction, Christian living, self-help, marriage, family, or youth books, each Revell publication reflects relevance, integrity, and excellence.

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