April 30, 2015 (Halton Hills, ON) –OneBook has partnered with national translators and church denominations to support Bible translation and literacy projects in Nepal for over 10 years and are currently working on nine projects in remote villages in the mountainous region of the country. The powerful earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015, reported to be felt as far away as the southern tip of India, has killed over 5,000 people and injured well over 8,000. In response to the disaster, OneBook has established an Emergency Fund to provide interim support for Bible translators and church leaders in Nepal.

Funds raised for the OneBook Nepal Emergency Fund, will support their national and local partners to repair building facilities, provide accommodation for Bible translators, and through them, the people within their communities. OneBook’s goal is to help them get back to providing God’s word in their mother tongue for their people.

“Supporting our national partners and the local church leaders in Nepal is critical at this time,” said Wayne Johnson, President of OneBook. “Many of the projects we support are located in remote areas making it difficult for National support aid to reach them, quickly. Our longstanding relationship with local denomination leaders means that we can respond immediately and effectively to provide that much-needed support.”

The mass destruction has left millions of people homeless and displaced with many sleeping in emergency shelters, athletic fields or in makeshift refugee camps with no knowledge of when rebuilding will begin. While the devastating earthquake has restricted communication across the country, OneBook has received news that their national partner leaders and their families are safe. Out of the nine Bible translations projects, they’ve received news from one project team, letting them know they are safe. While the earthquake has brought Bible translation to a standstill, this village project team has begun the repair of their translation building and have chosen to begin work again.

“We continue to pray for the other eight project teams,” said Johnson. “The Nepali church and our translation partner have mobilized their members and equipped them with transportation to travel to the eight language communities where over 900,000 people live to survey earthquake impact, and provide both supplies and support.”

With new information being reported every day, the most recent updates can be found at www.onebook.ca. Donations toward the OneBook Nepal Emergency Fund can be made at www.onebook.ca/nepal-donate or by calling 1.877.475.4483.

About OneBook

OneBook partners with 12 locally led organizations to accomplish an audacious goal: Tell God’s story in 250 languages. In each language group, our partners create a written language hand-in-hand with a literacy program. At the same time, they translate the entire New Testament and engage the Church to use it. OneBook wants to see communities transformed. Literacy provides people with the skills and confidence to determine their own future. The gospel—in the mother tongue—completely changes not only individuals, but whole societies. To learn more, visit www.onebook.ca.